We have all seen old time movies that are set on a sailing ship in a bygone era, and walking the plank is supposedly the favourite punishment of pirates, or even any ship captain when a crew mate (or passenger) has not followed directions; but is it real?

We have it on good account that they are not really any historical records of people being forced to ‘walk the plank’, however there are historical records of people being thrown overboard!

In today’s world cruise line P&O Cruises Australia have implemented some at seas activities (called P&O Edge Adventure Park) and one that we found interesting was walking the plank. The cruise line places a strong plank over the side of the ship, and you can experience the horror of being a mischievous crew mate. Thankfully you are attached to a strong line from an overhead davit (a crane-like device used on a ship) so you can not actually fall in the water. Even though you are safe, walking the plank from what would be about 30 to 40 metres above sea level, is a daunting experience for anyone.

So, if you want some adventure at sea, check out walking the plank on P&O Cruises or any of the other P&O Edge activities.

For more info, head to P&O Cruises website at this link.