Cruise Ship Trivia is a great way to meet fellow passengers. It’s also a lot of fun. You do not have to be trivia expert to enjoy and win at Cruise Ship Trivia, and often the experts do not win.


Cruise Trivia can be a simple 20 questions and answer, or the more complex pub trivia with bonus points. The bonus points add some randomness to the winner, which is great.


What sort of Questions

Unless the trivia is themed, the questions are likely to be general knowledge. Some of the Cruise staff go to a lot of effort to get good questions. Our tip is not to think too hard on each answer, the obvious answer is usually right.

Occasionally, the technically wrong answer can be right as well ~ for instance if you are asked who invented the telephone, everyone will answer Alexander Graham Bell ….., but no, he was actually the first to patent it (a google search will tell you the correct answer), but don’t worry, Trivia is supposed to be trivial so the trivial answer will usually be correct – Alexander Graham Bell – as mentioned, don’t think too hard.



This is the key to winning trivia, getting into a team of varied mix of people. You do not have to have to be the same team for each trivia. How do you get a team ? Just go up to a couple and ask if you can join them. Most of the time they will say yes, occasionally you will get a no, that’s fine just ask someone else. If you can’t find someone, ask the host to find you a team.

Trivia Rage

There can be someone that knows better than the host and will gladly argue. Unfortunately, whilst they may be right, this is called Trivia Rage and is frowned upon and the host is unlikely to change the answer. If this happens to you (that is, you know the correct answer), we suggest letting the host know afterward.



Usually trivia is hosted by one of the entertainment staff. Good hosts (like above), will make the trivia quiet a bit of fun. Newer staff, or dancers, may not be the strongest hosts, but this can add to the experience.


Each ship and each host will have their own rules. Common rules (and the ones we like) are:

  • Max six people in a team.
  • Swapping answers to mark (we hate marking our own, especially if you win).
  • New questions (not repeated from other trivia’s on the cruise).
  • If you win more than one prize of the same prize(i.e. more than one trivia), giving the prize to someone else.


When we started cruising, there were no real prizes for trivia, may be a key ring if you were lucky. However now cruise lines are starting to realize how popular trivia is, and you can get some great small prizes.

P&O have some great prizes, ranging from P&O Caps, sunglasses holders, small torches and the list goes on. In our opinion, P&O gives the best prizes for trivia. They also have ‘Coffee and Cake’ trivia (where the table will win coffee and cakes).


Princess give out some cheaper items from their shop, think pens and key rings (and the like). But they do also have the occasional bottle of wine, etc.

Carnival have great prizes which are either a medal or small ship trophy. These are a very nice touch, but after you have won or two, we find the novelty of them disappears (how many ship trophies can you have).


We hope you found this helpful?

What are some of your tips for trivia? Have we got anything wrong or can you add to our post, if so, please leave a comment below.

If you would like us to post on another interesting topic, please let us know what topics you would like.


Lynda Barry

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