My name is Lynda Barry, I live in Brisbane Australia and I started cruising about 15 years ago and have loved every minute of it. Through cruising, I have travelled on many cruise ships and multiple brands, have met some great people, made great friends and been to some fantastic places.

Cruising is one of those activities that is very specialised ~ the whole process of cruising, from looking at booking a cruise to disembarking, has unique procedures, that many passengers will only ever come across in the cruising industry.

Whilst I have done quite a few cruises and have experience on many ships and destinations, I fully admit that I do not know everything about cruising. There are many people in Australia that have done many more cruises than me and have many more days at sea.

However over the last few years, almost every week I am asked advice, information and my opinion about cruising. Whilst there are many facebook pages, there is (at the time of publication – May 2016) no real Australian website that provides information that does not seem to be linked to a travel agent or cruise line.

So we created to provide independent information, reviews and resources, and allow you (the public) to also provide your feedback and opinion about cruising. The forum allows you to ask questions, which may be answered by us, our moderators, or the public. We are proudly Australian based, with our forum mainly focusing on Australian Cruising.

I wish to clarify that I do not, and have never been employed by any cruise line or a related business. I am not a travel agent, and the purpose of the website is not to sell to you, or send you junk mail. It is simply to provide information and resources to you about cruising, and allow you to discuss cruise related matters on an independent Australian website.

The website is funded by us, but the content is provided by you. We will of course, provide our views (reviews) and opinions on cruising matters, but we also hope you will too. We fully intend to provide you tips and general information about cruising. You will note that much of that information is our personal views of our experiences, which we hope will help you. We understand everyone is unique and our experiences may be different to yours, which is why we hope you will also post on our forum what you have experienced.

If you wish to contact me, the best way is to post a message on my facebook page. Also have a look at one of my tips. You are also welcome to post on my facebook page.

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About our collaboration with AustralianCruisingNews

Focusing on the cruise ships that are home ported and based in Australia every Australian cruising season.
Our aim is to supply you with the correct and most up to date information, we want to be different from every other news / media outlet in the cruising industry that’s why we want to provide you with an information source you can rely on.

Our principals have completed over 130 combined cruises from all over the world on lots of different cruise ships, and experienced being in an inside, outside, balcony and suite cabins. We have also been on many ship inspections. This has helped us understand what a specific cruise ship or cruise line has to offer to a client. Here at Cruise the Seas Media and we want to help the Australian cruising public to find the right cruise ship and cruise destination for them.

We offer free information for all your cruising needs which includes cruising news, photos of your favourite cruise ships for sale, cruise ship information, cruise reviews, helpful tips and information, cruise blogs so you can tell us what experiences you have had, and destination information.

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