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My name is Lynda, I live in Brisbane Australia and I started cruising about 15 years ago. Cruising is one of those activities that is very specialised ~ the whole process of cruising, from looking at booking a cruise to disembarking, has unique procedures, that many passengers will only ever come across in the cruising industry. Over the last few years I have been asked my opinion about cruising, so I created to provide information, reviews and resources. The website is provided by me to provide our views (reviews) and opinions on cruising matters, but we also hope you will too. We fully intend to provide you tips and general information about cruising. You will note that much of that information is our personal views of our experiences, which we hope will help you. We understand everyone is unique and our experiences may be different to yours, which is why we hope you will also post on our forum what you have experienced. If you wish to contact me, the best way is to post a message on the forum, or reply to a to one of my tips. You are also welcome to post on my facebook page. Lynda


At we can offer the following services:
Market Opinions, Reviews and Feedback
Other than our own feedback and review, we can provide and host private reviews, feedback sessions or small forums. If you are seeking feedback about your cruise related business or products, we may be able to help. Through our membership, we can access people with different cruise knowledge and experience, so as to provide important feedback to your business.
If you are looking for someone to come along to an event and talk about cruising, please contact us. You may be a travel agent holding a show and want a frequent cruiser to talk to your clients, or a community organisation / club looking for an interesting topic over a business breakfast. We can facilitate sessions on topics from about what to expect, destinations, hints & tips, even hold a question and answer session. Often, we will do these types of sessions free of charge.
Online Information
This is our main service and is free of charge. You can view our forum at the link here. We encourage the public (you) to register, ask questions and post your review and feedback for other members. From time to time, we may ask our members for feedback and opinions on matters; we may even invite members to participate in surveys or private sessions about cruising, which is entirely optional.


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Lynda Barry
Lynda Barry

Owner & Cruise Lover

Paul Barry
Paul Barry

IT Specialist & Regular Cruiser

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The best way to contact us, is to send us a message via facebook.


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